Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gaming Parents

It occurs to me that I dislike being referred to as being a "non hardcore" gamer.I don't like feeling that because I'm not a booth babe or in tournaments each weekend that I don't rate as a gamer and my opinions don't matter.

How lovely for you twenty two year old with no children and 90 percent disposable income are able to go on xbox 360 online five hours a day. I have two kids and -43 percent disposable income. I can't afford to go to all the conventions or buy gold coated face plates for my xbox but I am nonetheless a gamer. Rest assured I would love to fork over my cash for a 56 inch plasma and customized gaming chair with cup holder and built in warmer for my pizza rolls, but that is not an option for me.

I'm sorry that Natal is not a viable option for me as I already have a wii, and don't see paying more for a peripheral. And HD just doesn't mean that much to me. If I had the money sure it would be cool. I've been gaming since colecovision, and I have enjoyed watching the consoles both hand held and regular evolve.

Here's the thing too. Kids grow up. As my daughter and son age, so will their tastes in gaming. I'm sure at some point I will go the HD route. Just as my parents splurged on R.O.B for me , I will probably end up getting a second job to afford a new set up for my kids

Hey good for you that you have a sweet set up. That you play online and have accumulated all your achievements on xbox. Just know that we are out there. Parents who put their children to bed then meet up online in combat. Parents who can't sleep at night so they game. We may not have bedazzled Halo 3 jackets, or go to work with God of War lunchboxes but we nonetheless deserve a say in the gaming market. Please don't shut us out fellow adult gamers. We may not be as cool as you, but we are here to stay.


  1. Who's got a bedazzled Halo 3 jacket? WHO?!

  2. I'm just assuming! Hey I had a 3 foot tall Master Chief cut out in my bedroom, anything is possible!

  3. Very true! I have a hard time telling my hardcore gaming buddies... "Dude, I don't game when the kid is up, and I also want to spend time... you know... with my husband some nights."

    Luckily, I game with older gamers (over 25) and so most of them don't bat an eye.

    Hit me up sometime on twitter @jay_cat join my woman's clan (most of us are Moms) and we can have a Peggle Party... Well, once the kids are in bed...

  4. You're not considered a hardcore gamer based on what type of setup you have or how much money you spend, but by what type of games you play.

    From the sounds of it, you play more conventional games, so don't go worrying about how a small subset of the gamer community judges you. Half of them have never touched a woman anyways.