Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Things That Piss Me Off About Parking Lots

Wow creating a blog was something I always wanted to do,but always felt it was really out of myleague. I don't hang out in coffee shops with my laptop feeling the need for people to watch me as I write, I'm not some sort super hero mom who works three part time jobs and attends dental school while raising five kids, who would care about what I had to say? Then I realized, why do I really give a fuck? If you want to read what I have to say read it, no big deal.
Maybe some of my followers would want to read my blog if they were really bored, couldn't sleep, or there were no good magazines in the bathroom. Hey it could happen. Ok so maybe I do want people to read this.Maybe a little. Maybe it's a test. See if I care.
I just wanted to share a little bit about myself. Most people know Im married and have two kids, and I work a job in retail Im not particularly psyched about especially since most of the managers were in third grade when I started in this field. That's a little thing that pisses me off, but I shouldn't let it get to me. It's a job right? Well on to the title of this little piece and here I just a short list of things that piss me off about parking lots.

1. People that leave shopping carts out in the parking lot when there is a shopping cart corral literally FIVE FEET AWAY!!!!! You wonder why over fifty percent of Americans are obese, and you cant walk a few feet to put your car away. Do you honestly leave the lot praying someone's fucking car gets dented oh please oh please? Maybe you are one twisted SOB whos gonna fucking twitpic it after?Ugh glad to get that off my chest.

2. Another parking lot thing. Why do you keep circling the lot when there are clearly spaces available further down the lot?Whats even worse is when there is a spot open and they wait for one that is like 10 feet closer? You are wasting gas! So you are hurting the environment, causing damage to your car, and being lazy! Good job dumbass!

3. Rain is not going to cause you to melt unless you are a witch or made entirely of sugar. Yes I realize pedestrians have the right of way, but if it is raining there really is no need to pull your coat over your head so you look like some sort of headless freak then run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Newsflash hun, it is rain. It is made of water. Running around superfast in front of moving vehicles is not going to make you less wet.

Well, this blog thing is pretty new to me, so Id appreciate any of your imput. Positive feedback is great, but so is negative because you took the time to read it anyways! Noone is perfect,but thats what makes us human. It feels good to get things off my chest. Looking forward to hearing from ya.


  1. Babe, that's awesome! I love your humor! And I've written angrier posts. *Hugs* is my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. ;)

  2. All of those things also piss me off, so I am in agreement with you so far.

  3. Know what I really love? When people can't return their cart but they will take the time and energy to hoist the entire cart up onto one of those median thingies. REALLY? Dudes.