Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stalking the Elusive Day Off

Go me, for the first time in nearly three years, I slept through the alarm long enough to make my daughter late for school. I called the school, fed my firstborn breakfast, and headed out the door, but not before feeding my son and changing his diaper so my hubby could relax before work. While I was out I got dh a cocoa so he wouldn't be annoyed about me sleeping through the alarm(well he didnt really blame me I was working til eleven last night). I was with my friend Lisa and she suggested we go to the local car wash and use the change machine to get laundry money. After looking around to see if the change police were around, I got my ten dollars worth of quarters. I then went home and fixed bacon and eggs for my husband .I am now thinking about the laundry and vacuuming and cooking I will do today. Welcome to Wednesday, my day off.

When you are married , or a parent, or in my case both, a day off is an elusive prize that never seems quite within reach. Day off what is that? To me a day off is defined as a day where one can do whatever the hell he or she feels like. I was really thinking what the perfect day for me would be.This is my selfish wish list....this is my dream.I will assume my children are away at nanas. Just for one day. My children are my world and are amazing. Right now, I m remembering my son taking off his diaper and spreading shit all over the crib, so I think Im allowed a small little dream.

1. I wake up at about 830 to my husband, who is incidentally fucking hot, nibbling on my ear and wanting hot monkey love.

2. I go into the shower with husband where we have hot monkey love again.

3. I know this is a dream, but hubby doesnt cook except for grilling and making pizza with Boboli crust so we head down to the diner for breakfast.

4. We then take the train in to Boston for the day. For some reason because this is my dream rememer it is not raining. Also, I am wearing comfortable yet adorable shoes and not boots with two inch heels that get caught in every puddle, and long pants that get soaked in the rain .And for some inexplicable reason, I have remembered to bring an umbrella, just in case.

5. After we spend a wonderful day sightseeing and eating great food and hubby buys me a couple of nice things, we head home after our wonderful day off. Then more hot monkey love.

Its my anniversary next month, and maybe who knows I could get my wish. But I also know that if I had to choose between my family and all the true "days off" in the world, I could never give up watching my daughter grow up into a wonderful young lady who befriends all the shy new kids at school, or watch my son applaud while Im feeding him lunch. (He's one ok?)And my husband is a pain in the ass sometimes, but he is still pretty hot after eleven years.And he does still make me laugh.

So days off are nice, but if I had too many of them I think I would grow tired of all the freedom. I love my family, and I love taking care of them. It's not for everyone, but It's alright with me. I just have to keep remembering to count my blessings, and they are numerous.

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  1. Notice how many times you felt like you had to interject, into this blog entry, about loving your kids and not wanting to change your life? Why is it that we moms are programmed to feel so damn guilty the minute we even *dream* about doing something for ourselves... without our kids included?! We all do it too, I swear! Gahhhh!!!! Anyway, just found your blog & I like it. You're real and you talk plain talk... that's hard to find in today's age of perfect mommies writing perfect blog entries about their perfect lives and their perfect children! My name's Andrea... glad to meet ya. :)