Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Can't I just Enjoy the Show?

I love movies. If I didn't have children I would go much more often. I am truly looking forward to the "Where the Wild Things" are movie more than my own seven year old daughter who had destroyed our copy by the time she was four. Seriously,by the time she lost interest, I was making shit up about the story to keep the story fresh. "See that big monster in the middle honey?"I would ask her, "That's Bob hes the dentist for the whole group, and those two big ones with the fangs, they are Larry and Barry and they are twin brothers." .God knows what I would have come up with had her interest in the story extended another two or three years.

I usually can sit back and relax and enjoy whatever movie or tv show I am watching, and yes I realize it is called suspension of disbelief, but sometimes, I see things that annoy me or little patterns in movies of the same genre that kind of annoy me. Here are just a few.

1. What' s with all the black leather in spy movies and on tv shows like "Alias?" Ok, I know its been addressed in "Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back", and I completely agree with Kevin Smith. There are so many reasons not to wear vinyl or leather to go on a super secret spy mission. In my vinyl pant wearing days, sure they looked great, but the fact remains, is they get hot and make crinkly noises when they walk.

2. You know what's cool? A badass! You know whats annoying as all hell? Someone who knows they are a badass.

3. I love alot of shows that have uber cool tech support. I get annoyed when I see characters that think they are so smart that they become god like in their infallibility. Yeah, I am talking to you Topher on "Dollhouse" I much prefer Marshall on "Alias" who always seemed surprised by how smart he was.

4. I wasn't going to say it but I really hate the bunches of movies out that have the same plot of a desperate woman who needs a man but can't find one. Ok Heather Locklear, I truly believe that you can't find a man and you are really struggling. Really?You can't find a date?Debra Messing you can't find yourself a date? Wow hot women with millions of dollars are just like me! Oh Im sorry, they are playing a character, but no matter how much to put the ponytail and glasses on hot actresses, they are still hot actresses.

I know I will think of other things, but for now duty calls. Perhaps if you are lucky, I will share more of my wisdom(mindless rants) soon.

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