Monday, May 10, 2010

Add Don't Subtract

I've been trying to lost the same fifty pounds for about seven years. I am blessed with a fairly large rack and a curvy derriere so when I tell people what I weigh they are shocked. OK, they are either shocked or Academy Award worthy acting. I prefer to believe the former.I told myself for years that it was "metabolism" but after having my thyroid checked, that simply isn't true.

It occurs and has occured to me that when people say "diet" they think of it terms of the taking away of the things we enjoy to eat the most. I prefer not to say diet. I also am trying to see it in terms of adding more good things to what I eat. Replace what is bad with good. Add more wholesome good things to your life to reap benefits. I need to think in terms of addition. I'm not losing out on things I love I'm winning by putting more healthful things into my body.

Most people know that egg whites have alot less calories than eggs. Substitute two egg whites for one egg in alot of recipes can save you upwards of seventy calories. This morning I made a boo boo. I meant to put in a yolk and two egg whites for my scrambled eggs. I looked down into the bowl and all there were were egg whites. I decided to have yolkless eggs today. I mixed them with my bacon and spinach. You know what? Im not any hungrier than normal....

I'm guilty of gulping sweet tea with abandon. Today I have green tea which is a little better but high still. An 8 ounce serving has seventy calories. I can easily drink eight servings. That's about 560 calories!!!! Instead of thinking in terms of subtraction think in terms of addition. Well subtraction then addition. If I have 4 servings of tea and add 4 servings of water I will have saved 280 calories. Eventually I can try to make sweet tea a once in a while indulgence.

I can't quit food cold turkey I just can't . If you can eat 1500 calories a day, take your spinning class and drink a gallon of water a day good for you!!!! Water is a big obstacle for me. For something that tastes like nothing, I sure don't like it much.....

My goal for this week is to add a serving of veggies to each meal . This is as easy as tossing some frozen veggies into pasta. My stipulation is that the veggie can't be corn or white potatoes.They have their place, but not in my little experiment.It is my hope to add more fruit and vegetables to my life. I will also hope to add energy, add vitality, add more years to my life. I'll let you know how it works out.


  1. I just dance my ass off... that way I can eat anything I want. Okay, I lied.

    However, I love Susan Powter because that woman had it right in the 80's. Calories in versus calories out. So, since my accident with the arm and the poundage restrictions of the amount of weight I can lift with my right arm, I just try to be as active as possible.

    I find the more I fight those taco chips, the more they swoop in for the kill.

  2. DM me your email address if you'd like an invite to the SparkPeople website. I love that I can track what I eat there and it offers meal plan ideas. Plus, it has a huge community of people trying to eat healthier and create a better life through proper diet and fitness.

    The water was hard for me too. I put it on a schedule. Two before morning coffee. Two before lunch. Two before leaving work. Two at the gym, or after work. It's still a struggle, but I'm closer.

    Feel free to chat me about ideas. I've been working on this for about three months. I've had little successes, but it's a lifelong process.

  3. hey girl! it sure is a lifelong process. How are you doing?